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Although I'm owning a business, most of my work, on TYPO3 extensions and the contributions to the community, is done in my spare time. You should consider that free software on a long-term basis only functions by giving and taking. This could be a few nice words of thanks or a financial donation.

Any amount is appreciated. Donations are not a payment for my extensions. These are free and free of charge. The development is voluntary. By donating you do not earn any specific rights over others, but you do encourage me working on the projects so I will continually invest in it with my spare time! The software created in this process will be part of the TYPO3 project and will be made available under the terms of the GPL. But isn't that why you use TYPO3 in the first place?

If you want to send me money, you can use Pay-Pal to transfer money simple and safe.

Payment with PayPal

When you want to transfer money using Paypal, use the following e-mail address as the receiver: You can find more information on


I would like to thank the following people and companies for their kind donations:

  • Netcreators, The Netherlands